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1-Year Body Transformation Program

'MFJ' is a Fat Burning, Muscle Building Fitness Program designed to help you achieve a lean, well-built, healthy physique within 1-year. Created with beginners in mind this step-by-step course provides delicious meal planning, a daily video workout schedule, community support and exclusive access to Online Personal Training. By the end of the program you'll have the look, knowledge and confidence to continue living a healthy, active lifestyle for years to come.

The Fat Furnace
(No Gym Required)

Before we can begin sculpting your physique, we first have to get rid of the fat. Stage I is dedicated to rapid, SAFE, fat loss based on modern, high-intensity cardio exercises. No Gym Required!

Week 1-4 Low Volume HIIT
Week 5-8 HIIT + Basic Calisthenics
Week 9-12 High Volume, Full Body Exercises
Body Fat Goal Men: 18% - 24% Women: 23% - 29%
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Destroy & Rebuild
(Gym Required)

Time to hit the weights and forge new muscle! Combine the fat-burning exercises of Stage I with easy to follow resistance-training video workouts. This Stage will ignite the lean muscle mass growth necessary for continued fat burning.

Weeks 13-16 Basic Compound Movements
Weeks 17-20 Lifting on Consecutive Days
Weeks 21-24 High Volume Weight Training
Body Fat Goal Men: 14% - 17% Women: 18% - 22%
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Supreme Victory
(Gym Required)

Complete your Transformation and claim your new Dream Body! Achieve peak physical shape and become a pro in the art of Fitness Lifestyle. You will now have the knowledge & experience to maintain your new physique for the long-term and beyond!

Weeks 25-28 Heavier Weights for Mass Gain
Weeks 29-32 Supersets & Pyramids
Weeks 33-52 Shredding and Sculpting
Body Fat Goal Men: 6% - 13% Women: 12% - 17%
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